Monday, January 19, 2009

Coming Soon: Anyone But Me "Interludes"

We love our ABM fans! Can we adopt you? And will you stay with us while we prepare to shoot episodes 5 & 6? Because you are in for some short, sweet, thought-
provoking “interludes” to keep you jazzed and loyal as you wait.

A lot of you have expressed your desire for more, and longer, episodes. And there is nothing we’d like better than to give you what you want.

We are laboring on love, here. As I’m sure you realize, it takes a certain budget to shoot our series, especially with the high quality we are determined to bring you. We’re getting a lot of attention, interest and press, thanks to you. Eyes are on us, so we have a good feeling that we are just at the beginning of a long life for our series.

So, even though our next full episodes won’t air until early March, you won’t be without your ABM – watch for Anyone But Me “interludes” and more actor interviews coming very soon!

--Susan Miller
Executive Producer/Writer

Editor's Note: Vivian+Aster, Episode 4 of Anyone But Me, premiered last week and is streaming on StrikeTV as well as (and YouTube, Koldcast, and myriad blogs from around the world!). All four episodes are available for viewing anytime on StrikeTV, so keep watching!

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MaB said...

March ????!!!! I am devastated... Thank you for your amazing job, and a special thank for actresses and actors who are really sensitive and talented.

Thanks from France !