Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Power to the People - How fans really, REALLY make a difference

The first season of “Anyone But Me” is complete. What an amazing sentence to write. Even more spectacular is that we’ve seemed to have created a series that so many people love.

We’ve all heard the words “we couldn’t do this without our fans” Although it’s easy to agree with that statement, we think we can take that one step further. We really, really mean it when we say we can’t do this without you.

Fans are in a unique position right now when it comes to web series. Although there are many web series out there vying for your attention, it’s up to you which ones stick around. Gone are the days when your show gets pulled because it’s no longer bringing in the ridiculous numbers it used to, or because the subject matter isn’t going in the direction executives would like. No need for fans, fruitless pleas blitzing the network with heartfelt letters or their character’s favorite condiment. Now, as long as you keep clicking, and clicking often, your favorite series can continue on.

In short, clicks (or views) are the lifeblood of the a web series. It’s what advertisers look at to determine a series worth and how much they are willing to spend. So now the fans have more power than they ever have. The choice is yours.

And because of that choice, a web series also has the opportunity to take an important step forward in entertainment that is more individualized. “Anyone But Me” is a series made for you. Not the mass audience, watered-down version of you, but the naturally complicated, not easily labeled version of you. And as long as everyone keeps clicking, Season 2 promises more complications, some familiar faces and, as always, dedication to the characters and stories you love.

--Tina Cesa Ward
Executive Producer/Writer/Director